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Pela Case – The Best Compostable Phone Case Review

The Pela brand is well-known for its high-quality and sustainable products. Pela’s iPhone case is no exception, being our compostable phone case of choice for waste-free living. Only one minor design flaw, which I cover below.


  • Fully Compostable
  • Easy to Fit
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Color Options + Design choice


  • Not Cheap
  • One Design Flaw
  • Limited Drop Protection
  • Not the Slimmest

My Honest Review

When protecting your phone, there are plenty of plastic phone cases on the market. But hopefully, you’re looking for something that protects your device and is environmentally friendly. In that case, the Pela compostable cell phone case is the perfect eco friendly choice. 

Pela is a brand devoted to being waste-free. Forget a biodegradable phone case, Pela produce fully compostable phone cases, free of harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, and BPA. Made with their blend of biopolymers and Canadian flax. 

Pela also donates to various charities worldwide, helping to positively impact people, communities in need, and preservation initiatives like ocean cleanup.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the almost perfect Classic Pela iPhone 14 Pro Max case I bought and see how it stacks up for durability, functionality, sustainability, features, and price while considering its one design flaw.

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In Detail

Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max and MagSafe module compostable packaging
Plastic Free Packaging

Compostable cardboard packaging, plastic free including the envelope.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max and MagSafe install location
From the Front

Showing the inside with certification stamping and MagSafe indent.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max showing back and camera cut put
From the Back

Showing the back and camera cut out.

Pela Case MagSafe Module and packaging
Pela MagSafe Module

Pela MagSafe magnets ring and compostable cardboard packaging.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max and MagSafe install location
MagSafe Position

Inside of the Case ready to install reusable Magsafe ring. This improves wireless charging and other MagSafe features such as using Magsafe iPhone card wallets.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max and MagSafe module in position
Case with MagSafe Module

Place the MagSafe ring into the indent. Alternatively you can put it directly onto the back of the phone.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max and iPhone being installed
Phone Installation

Next place the phone into the case, starting with the top left where most buttons are. Followed by top right, then bottom.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max power button
Power Botton

Power button tested and works perfectly. Easy to press.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max volume buttons
Volume Buttons

Volume buttons and mute toggle both work perfectly.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max speaker and charger cut outs
Cut Outs

Speaker and charger port locations perfectly sized and neatly cut out.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max camera lens bump
Camera Bump

The only design flaw found. The camera bump is inadequate to offer a high level of camera lens protection.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max Flaxtic material close up
Flaxtic Material

Close up of Flaxtic material showing grains of flax which give a unique tactile feel.


Pela Case - Compostable Phone Case Banner

After using Pela’s Classic Case on my iPhone 14 Pro Max for several months below are the stand out features I have to share. 


Pela phone case packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The packaging is made from plant-based materials and is completely compostable. It is also minimal and lightweight, requiring less energy to transport. 

Pela’s phone case packaging is a promising start for consumers like us who want to reduce their environmental impact.


The compostable case design is modern and reasonably sleek, with various vibrant colors and designs available. The phone cases are lightweight, making them easy to carry and handle, but they add some thickness to the iPhone 14 Pro Max I have. The smooth surface is comfortable and provides a good grip, preventing accidental drops, and allows easy use of all buttons. 

Snug fit:

My Pela phone case fits perfectly, providing a snug and secure fit. The case is also flexible and stretchy, allowing easy installation and removal, much better than rigid plastic cases, which must be clipped over the phone, potentially causing scratches.

Overall, Pela cases are an excellent fit for your phone, offering protection and convenience.


The case is a flexible, eco-friendly material that provides excellent shock absorbency to protect your phone from drops. 

Additionally, its design allows easy access to all buttons, including the charging port. It even works well on my wireless charging pad and MagSafe accessories thanks to the MagSafe module.

The case also has raised bezels to protect the screen and camera from scratches. This is the one failure I found. The bezel around the camera doesn’t sufficiently cover the lenses. As you’ll have seen in the previous pictures, the raised bezel is almost level with the camera, providing limited protection.


The design can withstand daily wear and tear and is resistant to scratches and impacts. I have used several similar plastic and silicon cases over the years. This case gives as durable protection or even better than any I have had previously. As proof all images in this post were taken after using the case for 4 months.


Pela phone cases are designed with sustainability in mind. They are made from a plant based compostable plastic called Flaxstic, which breaks down in the environment within 6-24 months, depending on the conditions.

Additional to sustainable products, Pela supports environmental initiatives, such as beach cleanups and planting trees, through various charities. By choosing a Pela phone case, you can protect your phone and contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing plastic waste.


The compostable materials surface provides a very comfortable grip on the phone, reducing the likelihood of drops or accidents. 

The texture also gives it a unique appearance, making it stand out from other plastic phone cases. As you can see in my black version, with the mix of flax fibers showing in the previous pictures.


The Pela cell phone case goes beyond biodegradable and is fully compostable due to its blend of flax straw and biopolymers, which can break down and decompose in a composting environment.

It will break down into natural materials used as nutrients for plants and soil within 6 to 24 months. This helps to reduce waste in landfills and promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of disposing of phone cases.


For iPhone users, the Pela phone case is available with a separate MagSafe magnet ring that is placed in a grove in the case, allowing MagSafe features. This magnet ring allows the phone to be quickly and securely attached to MagSafe-compatible surfaces, such as the MagSafe Charger or MagSafe accessories. The magnet ring can be easily removed when changing phone cases for a new iPhone, saving the additional waste of having them embedded in the case.

I have used it extensively with my MagSafe charger. It securely and firmly charges my phone without any issue.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max with phone installed on my Hyper MagSafe Charger
Pela Case - Compostable Phone Case

Positives and Negatives

My breakdown of this Pela iPhone Case.


  • Compostable: Pela phone cases are made from a fully compostable plant-based material, which will break down and decompose naturally within 6 to 24 months.
  • Eco-friendly: The eco friendly manufacturing methods and sustainable materials used to create Pela phone cases make it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their plastic waste and carbon footprint.
  • Durable: Pela phone cases are made from a high-quality, flexible material resistant to impacts, scratches, and other types of wear and tear. I have had mine for several months now, and it is as good as new, even after a significant drop on to the road. Yet the case and my iPhone are still perfect.
  • Guarantee: If your Pela phone case breaks down, cracks, or warps within a year, you can get a free replacement under the Pela 100% Happiness Guarantee.
  • Stylish: Pela phone cases are available in many colors and designs, making it easy to find a case that matches your personal style. They also have a world-first compostable clear-backed phone case which I have yet to try. 
  • Non-toxic: Pela phone cases are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them safe and good for the environment when composted.
  • Recyclable: When you’re ready to replace your Pela phone case, you can send it back to the company to be recycled, the recycled materials reused to produce new cases or composted back to nature.
  • Lightweight: Pela phone cases are very lightweight, making them easy to carry around and feel great to use.
  • Easy to clean: Most general dirt can be easily removed using a sponge, mild soap, and warm water. Avoid boiling water or harsh cleaning agents.


  • High price: The Pela phone cases are more expensive than most phone cases on the market. This is a significant factor for those looking for a more budget-friendly option. Still, the benefits are worth the extra cost.
  • Possible durability issues: Some users reported that the pela phone case had problems after a short period of use. I have not found this to be the case, and most reviews are delighted with the products.
  • Only fit some phone models: The pela phone case is available for the five main phone models. The complete list of the iPhone, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, and Samsung models are available here
  • Limited protection: While the pela phone case offers excellent protection against scratches, bumps, and drops, it may not protect your camera lenses perfectly.
  • Screen protector not included: The Pela phone case does not come with a screen protector. Instead, purchase the separate liquid screen protector kit if you want additional protection for your phone’s display.
  • Not the slimmest: The Classic Pela phone case is slightly thicker than the thinnest cases I have used. This could be a drawback for those who prefer a very slim case, but I find the Pela case totally acceptable. Striking the perfect balance between being thin and superior phone protection. Pela also offer a slim case.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I am delighted with the Classic Pela phone case. It is well-made, environmentally friendly, and feels great to hold.

The only downside is the limited protection around the camera lens, which could be a problem for those who are particularly rough with their phone or take many photos in harsh conditions. However, for the average user, this should not be an issue.

I recommend the Classic Pela phone case to anyone looking for a compostable, high-quality, eco-friendly, and stylish phone case.

Compostable Pela Case Classic Black iPhone 14 Pro max with phone installed on my Hyper MagSafe Charger
My iPhone charging wirelessly
Pela Case - Compostable Phone Case banner


What is the Pela phone case made of?

They are made from compostable plant based biopolymers and flax shive to create a plastic called Flaxstic.

Does the Pela phone case come in different colors or designs?

Yes, there are many color options and designs to choose from.

Is the Pela phone case compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, I have tried it with several wireless chargers without issue. I have read some reviews where they have had problems.

Can the Pela phone case be recycled?

Yes, return any old phone cases to Pela. They are upcycled into a new Pela product or correctly recycled.

Does the Pela phone case make a phone waterproof?

No, the Pela phone case is not waterproof, but you can get it wet.

Does the Pela phone case have a warranty?

Yes, the 100% Happiness Guarantee basically refunds up to 90 days and even replacement up to a year after purchase for any failure.

Is the Pela phone case available for other phones?

They are available for various makes and models listed on their site.

How do I properly care for my Pela phone case?

Avoid denim pockets using a light color case, as this could stain the case. When cleaning, use warm water with mild soap and a sponge.

Is the Pela phone case biodegradable?

Yes, but forget biodegradable, these cases are compostable.

Can I compost the Pela phone case?

Yes, all Pela cases are fully home-compostable.

How long does the Pela phone case take to compost?

They take between 6 to 24 months to compost, depending on conditions.

Is the Pela phone case water-resistant?

Yes, you can get the cases wet, but it doesn’t make your phone water-resistant.

Does the Pela phone case offer any drop protection?

Yes, it is claimed the cases protect for drops from 6 feet, but official tests still need to be completed. There are numerous reviews backing this claim.

Can I access all buttons and ports while using the Pela phone case?

Yes, all buttons work perfectly on my iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Is the Pela phone case scratch resistant?

My case in black seems to be scratch resistant. After several months of use, it still looks excellent.

How do I clean the Pela phone case?

Wash only with warm water, mild soap, and a sponge. Don’t soak, boil or use bleach.

Can the Pela phone case be used with a phone screen protector?

They offer a liquid screen protector, which I still need to test. You also get a $200 screen repair guarantee if you use their screen protector!

Does the Pela phone case have a raised bezel to protect the phone’s screen?

Yes, the phone’s screen is well-protected. The bezel around the camera does not offer much protection, though.

How much is shipping?

Pela offers free shipping in USA over $20, Canada $25, EU over €20, and the UK over £20

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3 months ago

I really loved my Pela case for my Samsung S10+…until they stopped selling that case for my phone. I want to support them, but they clearly are not interested in true sustainability if they refuse to stock cases for older phone models that are still functional. I found a case with the brand 15:21, but that one was kinda sketchy too haha! At this point I just need to either make my own case for my phone, or let my phone hang completely loose and hope the screen doesn’t crack if I drop it!

Farah and Finn
Reply to  Mish
2 months ago

Hi, that is a shame, how long did the first case last you? I presume it maybe hard for them to stock cases for all models of phones, I see they do stock the S10 just not the S10+. I will have a look at 15:21 also as not heard of them before.

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