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Firstly, welcome to our Sustainable Living Blog.

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We found it hard to find the information we needed, so we decided to start our own blog. We believe moving towards sustainable living doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, it is cheaper in many instances.

We’re Farah and Finn, a young (Farah) and young-ish (Finn), couple from Malaysia and Ireland covering our journey to a more sustainable life.

The content of this blog is created by us or our team of like-minded writers who share our passion for the environment and more sustainable living. Topics covered are ones we have a personal experience with. Where possible, we will have recently tested the product and will only recommend products we personally use and have found worthy of sharing.

We hope you enjoy Jungle Hugger and find the information valuable. Please let us know through our Contact Page if you have any suggestions.

Farah and Finn Jungle Hugger
Farah and Finn

Thank you for your time,

Farah and Finn