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Bambaw Safety Razor Review

If you are looking for the perfect sustainable swap to disposable razors, look no further, as this safety razor is your best bet. Read more on why this is a must-have product for hair removal.


  • Durable construction
  • Made from High-quality Materials
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Nicely Weighted Handle


  • Takes Getting Used to
  • Needs extra care when changing blades
  • Shaving Might Take longer

Bambaw Safety Razor Review

shaving legs with bambaw safety razor

This is my review of the Bambaw Safety Razor for 2023.

I had been shaving with disposable razors all my life before jumping on the bandwagon and looking for sustainable solutions to conventional plastic razors. That was when I discovered bamboo safety razors and made the switch.

The eco-friendly and reusable bamboo safety razor from Bambaw is one of the best out there. Bambaw razors are available in different bamboo and metal finishes. It is made from high-quality bamboo handle, brass razor head and stainless steel blade.

Cartridge and disposable razors, as the name suggests, are designed with planned obsolescence. This means that these products are intended to fail, making customers buy them repeatedly. This common practice by manufacturers may be profitable, but it is far from being sustainable.

On the other hand, due to its high-quality construction, Bambaw safety razors are durable and made to last a long time, avoiding planned obsolescence.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your plastic razor now and make your next shave environmentally friendly!

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Safety Razor vs Disposable Razor

Bamboo safety razors have only a single blade built in a way that helps injury-free shaving. The close comb enables you to get a close shave without cutting the skin. Shaving with a single blade causes less damage to the skin, therefore, less risk of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Disposable razors are made of plastic handles and have multiple blades that are advertised as better for shaving. However, this is a common misconception. In fact, shaving with multiple razors irritates the skin, increasing the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

comparison between bambaw safety razors and disposable razors

Why Choose Bambaw Razor?

There is a large selection of safety razors out there, and I have spent hours researching which safety razor is the best, considering its durability and eco-friendliness. Having used this safety razor for many shaves myself, I can safely say it is worth every penny spent.

Reduce Waste

I used to rely on disposable razors for shaving, creating a lot of plastic waste. I then changed to cartridge razors, where the handles were reusable, and only the razor head needed to be changed. Even so, there was still unnecessary use of plastic that leads to plastic pollution.

That was when the Bambaw razor came into the picture. It is reusable and made to last. The only thing that needs changing is the blades. Bambaw also sells safety razor blades in a pack of 100s, which will last you forever. You will not need to worry about creating waste, as the blades are recyclable.

Plus, all products from Bambaw come in minimal, fully recyclable, and compostable packaging. There is no unnecessary use of plastics which makes it environmentally sustainable.


With the Bambaw safety razor, only a one-time purchase is required, as you can use it repeatedly. The cost of a bamboo safety razor is about a third of the cost of cartridge razors.

You only need to replace the double edge safety razor blades, which are cheap and widely available.

Reduce Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

Shaving with a single blade cuts the hair at the skin level, resulting in a clean cut and less skin irritation. On the other hand, with multiple blades, your hair is pulled and cut underneath the skin, causing ingrown hairs.

Based on personal experience, after shaving with safety razor for a few months, the appearance of my skin has improved as the dark spots caused by shaving with multiple blades are slowly reducing.

Weighted Handle for an Easier Shave

Apart from being eco-friendly, my favorite thing about the bamboo safety razor is that its handle is heavy and comfortable to grip, even when wet.

The perfectly weighted balance makes it easy to shave, as you do not need to put too much pressure on your skin when shaving. Just glide it over the skin and let the weight do the work.

Made From Eco-Friendly, High Quality Materials

The components of Bambaw safety razor on a flat lay

The handle is made from bamboo. It is a material that has gained popularity with the movement toward using more sustainable materials. It regenerates fast, produces 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than pine.

The razor head is made from brass, which is a durable material. It is resistant to corrosion and lasts for a long time. Not to mention, highly recyclable as well.

The double edge razor blades sold by Bambaw are made from Swedish stainless steel, which is tough. The platinum coating makes them resistant to corrosion, which helps to keep the blades sharp for longer and reduces the frequency of blade replacement.

Replacement Parts are Available

If you are looking to extend the life of your bamboo safety razor, worry not, as replacement parts are available on their website. The bamboo handle and razor head can be purchased separately, making it easier to replace in the future if needed.

Ethically Produced

Bambaw products are manufactured in Indonesia, where the company works closely with a family business to produce high-quality products.

It is always rewarding to support ethical companies that responsibly manufacture their products.

How to Load and Replace Safety Razor Blades

Replacing the double edge razor blades might be risky as the blades are sharp. Watch the video above on how I changed my Bambaw Safety Razor Blades.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use a Safety Razor

Using a bamboo safety razor needs getting used to. It takes longer to shave for a smooth result as the head does not pivot like a cartridge razor. However, once you get the hang of it, it is effortless and provides better results than multi-blade razors.

You can follow my tips and tricks for using a safety razor below:

  • Wet your skin thoroughly before shaving as it reduces the friction between your skin and the blades, causing less irritation. Less irritation means less post-shave burn.
  • Always use shaving cream, like the Bambaw shaving bar, for a smooth shave. A good quality shaving cream is essential to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. When you purchase a bamboo safety razor from Bambaw, the user manual comes with a bonus homemade shaving recipe.
  • Always use a sharp blade, as a dull blade will damage your skin. Replace your blade as you see fit. You can do stropping to maintain your blade and keep it sharp for longer.
  • Take short strokes and pull your skin taut to avoid cuts and nicks. It also helps make sure you get a close and smooth shave.

How to Recycle Safety Razor Blades

Razors with the blades attached to plastics cannot be recycled. However, blades, like the double edge razors, are recyclable. 

The easiest way to recycle sharp blades safely is to collect them in a tin. When it is full, you can recycle the blades along with the container, making handling them safer and easier for the recycling center.

Wrapping Up

The build quality of Bambaw Safety Razor is excellent, with a sleek unisex design.

Using reusable safety razors is a great sustainable swap. Your wallet will thank you for it, as it is far cheaper in the long run than using a disposable or cartridge razor.

Ditch your plastic razor and make the switch to safety razor, now!

Bambaw reusable safety razor with its packaging on a flat lay

Bambaw Safety Razor FAQ

Are safety razors suitable for bikini areas?

Safety razors are ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini line as it reduces razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Pulling your skin tight is essential when shaving bikini areas to avoid shaving over wrinkles.

Do all safety razor blades fit all safety razors?

Yes, all safety razor blades are universal and can be used for any safety razor. You can purchase Bambaw Safety Razor Blades which is a great companion for your razor.

Are Bambaw Safety Razors recyclable?

They are entirely recyclable. The brass razor head and stainless steel double edge blade are highly recyclable, whereas the bamboo handle is biodegradable.

How often do you need to change razor blades?

I change my razor blades after around 4-5 shaves. I do stropping after every shave to keep it sharp, so I can extend the lifespan of each razor blade. However, it totally depends on you. If you notice the razor blades getting dull, replace them with a new sharp blade.

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