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black or charcoal colored huskee cup with its box on the side
8oz Huskee Cup in Black
my final take

Huskee Cup – The Best Reusable Coffee Mug Review

Huskee Cups are a great sustainable swap for single-use coffee cups. Its innovative design turns coffee waste into a durable, reusable coffee cup. Their sustainability programs, HuskeeSwap and HuskeeLoop, effectively reduce single-use waste by promoting the exchange of cups and properly reusing used cups.
  • Unique design
  • Sustainable programs
  • Stackable
  • Universal lid and saucer
  • Limited color options
  • Contains Plastic
  • Non-recyclable
  • Non-insulated
  • Non-leak proof

My Honest Review of Huskee Cup

Huskee Cup is a leading brand in sustainable coffee cups. Their innovative solution repurposes waste coffee grounds to create durable, reusable cups. 

The company is dedicated to reducing waste, and its HuskeeSwap and HuskeeLoop programs promote a closed-loop system to ensure that no Huskee Cups end up in landfills.

Huskee is also a Certified B-Corporation with an outstanding B impact score of 81.

In this review, we will examine the unique features of the Huskee Cup in detail and evaluate its overall value. We will take a closer look at the design and materials used to create the cup and its durability and ease of use. 

Filling huskee Cup with coffee from a machine

Filling our Huskee Cup with a hot brew from the coffee machine

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The Problem with Single-Use Coffee Cups

Single-use coffee cups have become a common sight in today’s society. The convenience of grabbing a cup of coffee on the go has led to a significant increase in the consumption of disposable cups. However, just because a cup is labeled as compostable does not mean it is the most environmentally friendly option.

While compostable cups may seem more environmentally friendly, they still require specific conditions to break down and have an environmental impact. The best way to reduce waste is to switch to reusable cups and avoid single-use cups altogether.

By choosing to use reusable coffee cups, you are taking a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing your environmental impact.

Huskee Cup in Detail

Unique Fin Design

The specially designed fins provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and drink from.

Huskee Cup Lid

Lid ventilation ensures ideal pour rate.

Huskee Cup Base

The cup base features the hill and valley locking system, designed for use with their saucer.

Huskee Cup Features

There are several features of the cup that I would like to share with you.

black 12oz and 8oz huskee cups with lid side by side

12oz and 8oz Charcoal Huskee Cups

Various Cup Sizes Available

HuskeeCup offers a range of sizes, including 3oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz. 

To cater to the most common cup sizes at regular coffee shops, we have chosen the 8oz and 12oz sizes.

To help you make a decision, 8oz is equivalent to a Short size at Starbucks, while 12oz is equivalent to a Tall size.

Made Using Coffee Husk Waste

These cups are manufactured using a unique and sustainable material: recycled coffee husk waste. This material is derived from the coffee milling process, where large quantities of coffee husk are discarded as a byproduct. 

Because of the high volume of coffee produced annually, thousands of tonnes of this waste material is generated yearly. Using this material to make reusable cups is a great way to repurpose them and reduce waste.

While Huskee Cup primarily uses recycled coffee husk waste to manufacture the cup, it also contains some non-compostable and non-biodegradable polypropylene. The addition of this material is to increase the durability of the cups. Despite this, the company’s HuskeeLoop program ensures that the cups are repurposed at the end of their useful life and do not end up in landfills.

Designed to Stack Neatly

One of the Huskee Cups’ design features is their stackability, resulting from the lack of handles on the cups. This allows you to save space when incorporating them in your household. 

It doesn’t matter which size of cup you choose. They are all designed to fit snugly on top of one another, making storage more organized and efficient. 

Unique Heat Fins

One of my favorite features of the cups is their unique fin design. These fins not only add a visually appealing aesthetic to the cup but also serve a practical purpose. 

The fins not only provide exceptional insulation but also allow you to comfortably hold the cup without burning your hands, even when it contains a hot beverage.

black huskee cup stackable

Huskee Cups are great when it comes to stackability.

Universal Saucer and Lid

The Huskee Cup offers a universal saucer and lid design, allowing maximum flexibility in use. Whether you use your cup at home or on the go, the saucer and lid can be used with all sizes of cups, eliminating the need to purchase multiple accessories. 

This means that even if you buy different sizes of Huskee Cups, you can still use the same saucer and lid for all of them. This simplicity in design is an innovative and practical feature that provides added convenience for you.

Available in Natural and Charcoal Colors

HuskeeCup comes in two natural and minimalist colors: the natural color of the husk and a charcoal color.

These limited color options make it easy for HuskeeCup to sort and recycle at the end of their lifespan.

HuskeeSwap App screenshot

HuskeeSwap App

HuskeeSwap App

The program allows you to bring your Huskee Cup and lid in any size to participating cafes and exchange it for fresh, clean cups.

To take advantage of the program, you need to download the HuskeeSwap App, which lists all the coffee shops participating in your area. Once at the shop, hand over your used cup and lid to the barista and you will receive a fresh one in exchange.

This program benefits both the customers and coffee shops, as it allows the transition away from single-use cups.

HuskeeLoop Program

Just like any other product, Huskee Cups have a lifespan and will eventually reach the end of their useful life. While they are designed to be durable and last for many years, they still subject to normal wear and tear. 

When the cups are no longer usable, they can be dropped off at designated HuskeeSwap locations. They will be returned to Huskee for proper disposal.

This end-of-life recycling program is incredibly convenient because Huskee Cups, made from composite material, may not be recyclable through standard recycling streams. The program ensures that the cups are appropriately collected and repurposed instead of ending up in landfills. 

Huskee will then collect the used cups and repurpose them into new products called the HuskeeLoop range, keeping the waste out of landfills and the material in a closed loop.

Positives and Negatives

There are the pros and cons of Huskee Cups that I find:


  • Partially made from recycled coffee husk: Huskee Cups are made from recycled coffee husk, a by-product of coffee production, thus reducing waste in the environment.
  • Durable and long lasting: These cups are durable and made to last for several years reducing the need for constant replacement.
  • Unique design and stylish: The unique fin design not only ensures a comfortable grip but also provides added insulation.
  • Sustainable programs: HuskeeSwap and HuskeeLoop program for exchanging and recycling used cups
  • Various sizes available: Huskee Cups are available in various sizes to fit different needs. 
  • Universal saucer and lid: The saucer and lids can be used for all cup sizes makes it very convenient.
  • Stackable design: The lack of handle makes them stackable which saves space and makes storage more efficient.


  • Contains plastic: One potential downside of the Huskee Cups is that they contain some amount of plastic. However, it’s worth noting that the amount of plastic used is minimized, and through the HuskeeLoop program, these cups are repurposed at the end of their life, keeping them out of landfills.
  • Not insulated: Huskee Cups are not insulated, so they may not keep drinks hot for an extended period of time. If you are looking for a cup that holds heat for a long time, this may not be suitable for you.
  • Not available in multiple colors: The Huskee Cups are only available in the natural color of the husk and charcoal color.
  • Not recyclable in standard streams: The Huskee Cups are not recyclable in your local recycling centre. However, at the end of its useful life, you can return your cup back to Huskee so they can repurpose it into new product.

Huskee Cups FAQ

Are Huskee Cups dishwashers safe?

Yes, Huskee Cups are dishwasher safe. However, we only hand wash our cups at home to extend the lifespan of our cups.

Are Huskee Cups insulated?

No, Huskee Cups are not insulated. If heat retention is a priority for you, the Huskee Cup may not be the best fit as it is not insulated.

Are Huskee Cups recyclable?

Huskee Cups are made of composite material, meaning they may not be recyclable through standard recycling streams. That’s why Huskee has the end-of-life program HuskeeLoop, which repurposes used cups and turns them into new products.

Wrapping Up

Using a Huskee Cup is a smart choice for anyone looking to buy the best reusable coffee cup. 

It is an innovative, durable, and well-designed product backed by programs that promote reusable cups and proper disposal. 

With the Huskee Cup, you can enjoy your coffee while doing your part to help the environment.

black 8oz and 12oz huskee cup on a white coffee table
8oz and 12oz Huskee Cups in Charcoal Color
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